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Magnetron sputtering target



Due to the advantage of magnetron sputtering technology in the field of vacuum coating, has become the mainstream of large-area field. Magnetron sputtering target as the core components of coating equipment, I rely on the company has international advanced SmCo permanent magnetic materials manufacturing and professional magnetic circuit design experience, is a magnetron sputtering target development and manufacture of the first domestic professional enterprises. I developed the MT series of magnetron sputtering target by magnetic field design, module target 3D modeling design, stability type SmCo permanent magnetic source, and combining with the machining precision of the external parts, to fill the gaps in the design and manufacture of the magnetron sputtering target, the overall technical level of the leading domestic. At present our company’s products have been a number of domestic large-scale glass manufacturers and coating equipment manufacturers with, to replace the imported equipment, and get a good evaluation.

We sincerely hope that with the vacuum equipment manufacturers and coating equipment users share us about magnetron sputtering target development experience, enable us to get more gain in terms of equipment manufacture and use!

Our technology development capacity of the National Innovation Fund for small and medium enterprises recognized, and R & D funding support!


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