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Magnetic drive coupler



Magnetic drive coupler assembly

Magnetic drive pump is the application of modern magnetic theory, realize the non-contact torque transmission, in order to achieve pump seal, no leakage of the new industry. The pump for the chemical, oil, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, papermaking, electroplating and other dozens of industry completely solve the leakage problem of the transmission medium, especially suitable for acid, alkali, flammable, explosive, toxic, volatile and expensive liquid medium conveying.

Magnetic driving device is composed of magnetic pump, a key component to realize the contactless power transfer, which is mainly composed of an outer magnetic rotor, the magnetic rotor, sealing sleeve.

Magnetic pump to drive the overall requirements of device design: the pump start and operated under rated conditions, the maximum driving force moment should be the maximum and the pump power required torque under matching, ensure the drive rotor ( outside the magnetic rotor ) and the driven rotor ( inner magnetic rotor ) synchronous operation, not slip; and shall have the technical reliability of high transmission efficiency, magnetic stability is good, and should have the best economy of light weight, low cost.

Our company has the professional capability of magnetic circuit design, rich design experience and precision processing capacity, able to undertake the design and manufacture of a variety of magnetic drive components, to achieve optimal allocation of the magnetic drive, to provide a strong impetus for magnetic pump your.

 The main areas of use: magnetic chemical pump
The main areas of use: magnetic chemical pump


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