The Advantages

Scale and Resource Advantage

Mianyang Henshin Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.(HSMAG) established in1999, has built a world-class production line of rare-earth permanent magnets in just a few years using leading technology and management idea. We have the capability of producing SmCo, NdFeB and magnetic devices on large scale. At present, HSMAG has an annual production capacity of 300 tons of various types of SmCo permanent magnetic materials. We are one of the largest production bases of magnetic materials.

HSMAG has strong technical power, and has a group of experts engaged in rare- earth permanent magnetic materials and application research, senior engineering and technical personnel. Meanwhile, We have set up the enterprise research center,specialized in production engineering and application innovation. Using technology create the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Product Advantage

Aiming at characteristics of demand of Magnetic drive, After plenty of research works, our technical staff of R & D center has successfully developed high energy, high stability and low temperature coefficient of SmCo magnets which are applied in magnetic pump. At present, we are designated supplier of magnetic materials for many known supplier for pump companies.

In aspect of magnetic application, HSMAG has successfully developed Key component of Magnetron sputtering equipment—Planar magnetron sputtering target, which has filled a domestic gap in this field, has won the National Innovation Fund for small and medium sized enterprise support, and has become cooperative partner of many coating equipment manufacturing and glass production companies. Meanwhile, we also have developed in magnetic sensor which is used in automobile for a long time. Speed sensor and Ignition coil sensor are selected by famous automobile parts manufacturers.

In addition, HSMAG has strong strength in magnetic field designing and machining, and has ability of undertaking designing and producing tasks of all kinds of magnetic devices.

Superior Product Quality

Customer satisfaction is the core objective of our company for the construction of quality management system. We have constructed process in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001-2000, have pursued excellent product quality, and have made each product through careful inspection. The magnetic performances, the physical properties and the appearance quality are equal or even superior to the MMPA0100-2000 and IEC 404-8-2001.standard.

We dedicate to offering a simple and efficient consulting way to customer services. To satisfy customers, we depend on fast delivery time and best product ensuring quick and convenient order procedures, logistics and transports.

Regional Advantage

HSMAG is located in mianyang, science and technology of western region of china. As the only professional Institute of magnetic material in china—Southwest Institute of Application Magnetics, mianyang has strong technical background and talent advantage. Meanwhile, our company is located in economic and technological development zone of mianyang city. Good production conditions and convenient traffic conditions can make our products meet the requirements of customers, and reach to customers all over the world earlier.

Company Philosophy

We will insist on our business policy: man of the essence, innovation of technology, high quality and efficiency, customer satisfied. Taking technology as core and using effective management continually promote our quality control and organization operation level. We promise to create value for customers by means of better quality products, more efficient and more enthusiastic service.