Technical Support

  1. Strong technical strength. HSMAG is one of the earliest producing in rare-earth permanent magnet companies in china. Through over a decade of researches and repeated practices, our company has developed a lot of practical technologies which are widely distributed in smelting, sintering, pressuring, processing of the production section, which has greatly improved production efficiency, has saved raw materials and labor costs, has improved product quality. Our products of high quality, high performance ratio, and high performance are greatly acclaimed.

  2. Experienced R&D team. HSMAG has a group of skilled workers who master production skills of rare-earth permanent compound metal, a group of professional technical staff who master production and key technologies in application, and technical experts who can solve technical difficulties in the application of rare-earth permanent compound metal. Core management team and R & D team have higher stability. After over a decade of experience accumulation, they all have rich production and operation management experiences of rare earth permanent magnetic materials in the market, has a profound understanding in the technology and development trend of rare earth permanent magnetic materials industry, has mastered cutting-edge technology of the industry, and has a strong product development capability.